discussion responses

Please write a response to each discussion. 

Jackson 3.1

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discussion responses
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The non-profit I am presenting is The Hope Center for Kids. I interned at the Hope Center when I was working on my associates degree. The Hope Center is a after school program for inner city kids in North Omaha. They provide a variety of services such as; educational assistance, employment coaching and meals to name a few. The targeted population is the inner city youth in North Omaha. They provide a variety of services but the main focus is and always will be God and Christianity.


Chavez 3.2

Goodwill receives funds through county money; referrals usually come from Occupational Vocational Rehabilitation. Also other county entities fund for some of the programs. Also, Goodwill receives money from donations. When shopping at Goodwill you are asked to donate pennies or make up a dollar. In working with a county entity it is a challenge to refer people due to the lack of staff. They have more clients then what they can serve. Additionally, the language barrier for some of our clients is a challenge. 

Barnett 3-2

Think about your identified organization, and consider areas of potential expansion or addition of services.

ACH Child and Family Services offers solid programs for children who need immediate or long-term assistance. I think, ACH could expand on educational programs to offer classes for struggling families. The classes could include the emotional and social struggles a child suffers when he/she witnesses family conflicts. The target population would be the children’s parents, not the children. During the educational sessions/classes, parents are able to understand the reasons behind the behavior of their child. Regardless of the familial conflict, parents/guardians should attend these educational classes to assist in overcoming the familial conflict and the betterment of their children.

Another idea is to expand on their programs to include the child and the abused parent. As mentioned on the website, the services are exclusive to children who suffer abuse or neglect from their dysfunctional families. But, in most instances, there is one abusive parent/guardian. If ACH expands the service to include the abused parent and their children, the program will achieve the goal it is designed to accomplish.

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