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Discussion Response
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Nordstrom’s brand management strategy is to sell the top brands in the fashion world. As Topshop emerged as one of those brands rather quickly, Nordstrom probably realized that this was an early opportunity to jump at an on-board Topshop into its stores. As a traditional clothing store that has historically been reluctant to sell the most recent fashion trends, this partnership points Nordstrom’s brand management strategy in a new direction. 

Once these new “fast-fashion” products hit Nordstrom stores, the company will indeed appeal to its target market. The whole reason Nordstrom is agreeing to sell Topshop is to capture that target customer, which they have been missing in the past. Nordstrom is known for high end brands that exude a moderate classy style. As more recent fashion hits the shelves, Nordstrom hopes to capture a younger customer and maintain that customer for life. 

To say whether or not this will differentiate Nordstrom from the competition we must define who their competition is. Until the partnership one could argue that Topshop was was part of the competition. With that mind set the competition would be any other store in the world that also sold clothing items. If the competition is defined as the typical department store that is a re-seller of several brands then yes, it will differentiate itself from the competition. Traditional department stores like JC Penney will now scramble to create that same partnership with the next highly fashionable brand in order to capture the younger market that Nordstrom did by selling Topshop. On the contrary if competition is considered to be all other stores that sell clothing then no, Nordstrom did not do anything with this partnership to create differentiation. Part of the reason that Nordstrom felt the need to sell a brand that is able to roll out new styles weeks after the fashion became popular is the access of information that the customer has gained in the last ten years. With that said, most consumers have already found other channels for the procurement of their choice, thus Nordstrom did not differentiate itself. 

This is not a risky move for Nordstrom. Sales declined in the UK and Topshop had yet to enter the US market, so the partnership made perfect sense. This is a product that, for a time, could be exclusively found at Nordstrom if the customer did not want to buy online. In Nordstrom’s eyes, if the Topshop continued to decline, but saw huge sales in the US then Nordstrom might be in a position for a buy out or at least to negotiate price cuts. 

Clifford, S (2012). Conservative Nordstrom to sell trendy Topshop fashions.  Retrieved

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