Discussion Board Questions.

Affiliation Discussion Board Questions Advancement in technology is changing the business dynamics. Globalization has broken the physical geographic barriers and therefore for any competitive business to stay afloat, the management should ensure all races and languages are accommodated. Communication is one of the main factors that determine the success of a business, Therefore, the packaging of products and advertisement should be done in a way that ensures that all customers, regardless of race or language, can associate with and easily comprehend the language. In the case of America, Hispanics are emerging as the large minority providing a huge untapped potential market for any product. I therefore, believe that it will be self defeating for any proprietor to believe that it is the a customers responsibility to learn English, with it being a lingua franca. The customer is said to be a monarch in business. As such any proprietor who wants to succeed should come down to the level of the potential client and not vice-versa.

Diversity in languages is vital as it gives the owners of the language a sense of belonging due to shared history and culture. Anthropology studies show that no language is superior to another. Accommodating other languages ideologies can also give a politician political mileage. This was evident in Barrack Obama’s 2012 presidential election victory where he garnered more votes in Florida, Nevada and Colorado states. These votes turned the tide in his favor. In a situation where individuals are forbidden to speak their native language it breeds resents. Personally I would be uncomfortable staying in such a nation or state.

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The disadvantage of diversity in languages is it can bread negative ethnicity where some languages are rendered insubordinate. this happens particularly where some groups form the minority. Such scenario hinder economic development due conspiracies propagated by different ethnic groups. If not well managed this may lead to civil strife. Stratification of ethnic groups occasioned by difference in language may lead to increased crime rates especially by the group that may feel shortchanged or marginalized economically (Schaefer, 2013).

Statehood, Independence, or continuing territorial status from the perspective of a native Puerto Rican residing in Puerto Rico for Puerto Rico

In my view Statehood for Native Puerto Rican residing in Puerto Rico for Puerto Rico will greatly improve the life and economic status of the Puerto Ricans as the geographical restrictions and fiscal hindrances will be lessened. This will be beneficial more so because the number of them in America is higher than that in Puerto Rica. Independence will be more costly and as it relies more on imports for raw materials, independence will only increase foreign trade restrictions from the USA. Continuing territorial status will maintain the status qua and will only mean continued dominance over Puerto Rica by the United States (Schaefer, 2013).

American perception on being Muslim and Arab

All Arabs are not Muslims and all Muslims are not Arabs, however, most Americans due to constant media propaganda occasioned by the 9/11 terrorist incident at the world trade center view Arabs and Muslims as one. Another factor that has contributed to the misconception is political propaganda. As it is now most Americans do not believe that the foundations of Islam are peaceful and only a few people are using Islamic religion as a scapegoat to propagate their heinous acts of terrorism. As a politician I would reconcile the terms by ensuring that the media reports factual information regarding Islam as religion and its tenets. I will also ensure that involve the Muslims and Arabs in my government I will change America’s foreign policy regarding the Middle east and Syria.

Comparison and Contrast of Japanese, Italian and German internments during World War II with the treatment of Arab and Muslim Americans after 911.

Japanese internment

The attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan during world war ii made President Franklin D. Roosevelt sign Executive Order which saw residents of Japanese ancestry sent to internment camps this was done regardless of whether one was American or not, this incident has resemblance to what happened to the Arab Muslims after the 9/11 incident.

German internment

The regulations signed by President Woodrow Wilson after Pearl Harbor saw many people of German ancestry in the U.S put in internment camps and others evicted during the World War II. This included military officers who were on cruise ships, civilians and merchants. American media propaganda led to this public misperception of Germans in the Americas just as the 9/11 did to the Arab Muslims.

Italian internments

During the World War II all Italian Americans in America were declared alien enemies and most of them were interned under the War Relocation Authority in camps in Montana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Orders were also in place to make sure all American Italians walked around with photo tags labeled enemy alien registration card.


The internment of Japanese Americans, Italian Americans and German Americans during World War II shows how the Arab and Muslim Americans were treated after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. It is a shocking revelation of how far America goes to deal with crises, discriminating against the innocent citizens and non-citizens alike.


Schaefer, R. (2013). Racial and ethnic groups.

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