Discussion: A New View of Failure and Success

Module 6 Discussion: A New View of Failure and Success

First, read Covey, Matthews, BuzzFeed, McGregor et al., SportsDayDFW.com., and Moore (all articles can be found in the “Module 6 Reading” above). In addition, view the presentation on “A New View of Failure and Success,” and watch the videos with J.K. Rowling.

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Discussion: A New View of Failure and Success
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According to Dr. Charles Manz, “Changing our perspective is often the key to finding success in seeming failure,” and he suggests that we need a paradigm shift to learn to discover opportunities in problems. In this week’s discussion, you are tasked with thinking critically about the content presented on rejection and changing our perspectives on failure and success. Some possible prompts follow. You do not have to address every prompt. Your post should be a minimum of two well-developed paragraphs.

  • Do you agree with Manz that a change in paradigm shift is necessary? Why or why not?
  • What do you take away from the stories about authors being rejected?
  • What do you take away from the readings about the importance of failure?
  • How does the Covey reading on Think Win/Win relate to the other readings in the module?
  • Do you agree that both failure and success should be viewed differently? Why or why not?

For this and all discussions this term, to earn full credit submit an initial reply to the prompt by Thursday, provide a substantive response to a minimum of three classmates by Sunday, and post on at least three of seven days. Be thoughtful in your discourse, and make sure to integrate concrete examples from the course readings and presentations using APA style in-text citations and a list of references.


(2). J.K ROWLING SHARES TWO REJECTION LETTERS FOR BOOK (youtube.com/watch?list=RDCMUCJmSX7ghommK3PmMLGNUvPA&v=IburiHjE9Gs&feature=emb_rel_e

nd.(3) buzzfeed.com/stmartinspress/20-brillant-authors-whose-work-was-initially-reje-7rut?utm_term=.ctLqmaX6q#.xdXmEVQqm

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