Review the following case study.In your discussion post, discuss and analyze the functional strategies used by Ford Motor Corporation in its rollout of its fleet of electrified autos.

Ford Motor Company’s Electrification Strategy

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 150- 200 WORDS

There are 3 types of functional strategies:

  • Product – Design, production-operation & marketing
  • People – Human Resources
  • Support Processes – related to the accounting and IT areas INTERNAL to company

As you read through this case study, it’s key to really understand the different types of functional strategies, specifically  Support functional strategies. These are not related to the support the company puts in place for the customers. Rather, support functional strategies are related to internal IT and financial accounting systems.

The case study also may not specifically mention all types of functional strategies. However, based on the direction the company is headed there are certain functional strategies you could recommend or even presume the company will implement.

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