Discussion 1: Sustainability in the Global Economy

Whether a company is promoting economic prosperity, ethical responsibility, or is trying to ensure longevity, sustainability is a core issue for both for-profit and nonprofit companies. Each of these types of companies struggle with balancing short-term returns, long-term growth, and viability when making decisions about human resource management, product offerings, and operations, as well as their local and global associations.

To prepare for this Discussion, consider how organizations build sustainable practices into their global business model.

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Discussion 1: Sustainability in the Global Economy
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Post by Day 3 your response to the following:

  • How is an organization’s international sustainability effort different from its sustainability efforts in domestic markets?
  • To what extent are these efforts influenced by factors other than profits, such as environmental and human resource issues?

Use at least two examples of organizations that have built sustainable practices into their global business model to illustrate the points you make in your response.

General Guidance on Discussion Posts: Your original post, due by Day 3, will typically be 3–4 paragraphs in length as a general expectation/estimate. Refer to the Week 6 Discussion 1 rubric for grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use the rubric to assess your work.

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