Discusses consumer privacy (marketing planning and strategy) 2.

Consumer privacy Is Consumer privacy a bigger issue in the online world than offline world? The above ment can be argued on both sides of the coin. It is true that online privacy brings up greater issue for consumer privacy basing on the reason that information has higher chances to be exposed to a variety of people than in off-line operations or transactions. The transfer of private data electronically passes through electronic paths, each of which creates a chance for computer “hacking” or misdirection acts. Most often, the organization or person transmitting this data, redirecting it, receiving the information, and keeping it is not known by the consumer (Park& Kim, 2003).

On the other hand, in the off-line sphere, the client has a chance to know the firm, personnel, or company that is on the receiving end as well as accepting or declining the idea to share their personal data. One can still argue that transmission of personal data in the offline world also travels by electronic means in numerous cases. For instance, the act of making a transaction with a credit card similarly involves data transmission electronically sometimes in the transaction. The difference is that the client is initially meddling with a firm or an individual. Although this does not alleviate the risks experienced by the consumer, it presents some real knowledge of the firm, or persons involved in the given transaction (Spiekermann, Grossklags & Berendt, 2001).

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 Discusses consumer privacy (marketing planning and strategy) 2.
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From the above discussion, it is more rational to state that online world creates more privacy issues than offline. This is due to safety issues, since privacy information in a given database that was hacked or infiltrated might be utilized for criminal activities, a factor not possible in offline world (Ribbink et al, 2004).


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