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Working with the generations of Baby Boomers, often referred to as the Boomers- wants to be rewarded for service and time in the work place, the have needs to feel valued and wanted. their communicating will be face to face or electronic communication, present options to be flexible, they will avoid controlling and manipulating language, the speak in an ope and direct style. giving feedback they invented annual reviews and provide a lot of documentation, they want to know how they are doing.The Boomers values are Optimism they hope fighting for a change, Involvement influence the change, personal growth, loyalty- loyal to a cause and career driven Veterans work to eat and live, Baby Boomers believe in education so that they have a choice of what to be in life.Baby Boomers views on work are service oriented, driven, willing to go the extra mile, hard work equals success, want to please, work comes first, no such thing as a 9-5 job and focused on titles. The Defining moments of the Baby Boomers are the women’s liberation, Assassinations of President JFK and Martin Luther King, the Vietnam war and anger of the civil rights movements. 

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Discuss student post minimum of 150 words apa format
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Generation Y often referred to as Gen- yers or the Millennials, their defining Moments are people such as Jerry Springer, Dr Phil the 9/11, Google, My Space, Virgina Tech Shooting and Katrina. their values are diversity, community, health/wellness and fairness. The Generation Y motivation allow them to work together in peer groups with needs to be specific to the individual, their communication will be through emails and Voicemail constantly seek their feedback, they don’t talk down to their peers and they don’t take themselves too seriously. The Generation Y or the Millennial views on work has a need for supervision,structure, Inexperienced, optimism, Tenacity and Technologically savvy.They do not like to be micromanage. The Similarities of a Baby Boomer and a Generation Y are that they both want to be heard and respected in different ways, they both want to make a difference, they have a sensitivity to social injustice and causes and they both see themselves as rebels and hate their sterotypes.

The Generation X also referred to as Gen Xers the microwave generation, wanting to be like the Jone’s,working matters they want more so they work more. their defining movements are computers, challenger disaster, single parent homes,aids fear lack of education and MTV, their values recognizing diversity at work, Independence and flexibility.The Generation X motivation is to provide as much flexibility as possible. when communicating they want you to learn their language, present the facts and use straight talk, share information immediately and often, use informal communication and use email. their giving feedback “sorry to interrupt, but how am I doing?” also needs to know how they’re doing immediately.The Gen-Xers views on work, Adaptable, Independent, Techno-literate, Dedicated and Muti-Task masters the Gen-Xers don’t need a title, they own it.Gen X differs with different sensibilities and priorities.

Companies are increasing employee satisfaction with each generation mostly with communication between employees and management, career advancement opportunities within the organization,respectful treatment of employees, and trust between employees and senior management and Job-specific training, Gen-X, Baby Boomers and Gen-Y, value a few aspects of their jobs differently. The Gen-X placed greater importance on career development opportunities than Baby Boomers, Gern-X more frequently cited organization’s commitment to professional development as a contributor to job satisfaction compared to Baby Boomers.  

The differences with ethnic groups across generations,as we all know the world is not black and white its mixed with gray, understanding the culture differences becomes especially important, Japan, negotiation cards are an important part of doing business.Dress is conservative for men and women in large to medium companies.In Mexico punctuation is not always as much of a priority. Gifts is not usually a requirement in business dealings. Saudi Arabia,dress is absolute requirement of dress code. Negotiations cards are common but not essential.

Reference: Organizational Behavior Debra L. Nelson, James Campbell Quick Edith Edition



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