Disaster Preparedness.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Disaster Preparedness. It needs to be at least 500 words. Disaster Preparedness The two central points which can become the focus of the problems come from the demands made by the Incident Commander. Extra medical supplies since the number of people with injuries exceeds expectations as well as not anticipating area flooding after the hurricane show that there was a lack of preparedness. However, the signs of shortages in drinking water and food show that the mitigation efforts also lacked some level of foresight.

The problems which are now facing the IC clearly show that something went wrong during the planning phase since the estimates for getting the right amount of drinking water as well as medicines were off. The easiest way to help the situation out would be to enter the recovery stage in which aid can be given to victims on a priority basis instead of focusing on mitigation for which time seems to have passed.

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The first step would be to get drinking water supplies to the area since a lack of clean drinking water can only make the situation worse. In fact, medical supplies can be rationed for a while but drinking water simply can not be because people might start using unclean supplies of water which could lead to more problems in terms of the health situation. The second step would be to move out those individuals who have serious injuries and to begin treating less seriously injured victims on location. Later on in the recovery phase the rebuilding process can also be started.

The difference between mitigation and preparedness is simply defined by the roles individuals play in those situations. In mitigation, the team tries to prevent the event from happening or reducing the negative effects if the situation is unpreventable (Wikipedia. 2007). For example, the construction of dams to prevent floods is mitigation for the long term while identification of present risks which might have developed in a disaster situation can be seen as short term mitigation.

When it comes to preparedness, the management team focuses on preparing communication tools, establishing command controls and getting the necessary means for support to the people who have been affected by a disaster. Preparedness also involves planning with local resources such as healthy individuals and volunteers who can help with keeping a semblance of order (Wikipedia. 2007). However, professionals who are trained for the management of the disaster serve as the key to being prepared.

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