Dimensions of Community Environmental Health.

Alcohol intake is a personal choice and the character exhibits the effect of this poison on his physical strength as well as his personality. Steady drinking of alcohol for a long period of time results in the dependence of the brain and also leads to withdrawal manifestation during episodes of abstinence. Alcoholism is a major health hazard and affects normal brain’s chemistry, blood flow to frontal lobes and the nerve cells. Over time, neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine is depleted leading to mood problems, physical weakness, liver pathologies and increasing dependence (A.D.A.M)

Smoking is another example of a voluntary source of health hazard that has an effect both on the environment and public health. The tobacco smoke contains 43 carcinogens which are known out of the thousands of chemicals present in it. Although, smokers are exposed to high incidence of lung cancer, voice changes, and other health hazards, but the people who are exposed to the smoke are also at risk. Lung cancer can also occur in non-smokers who are exposed to the tobacco smoke, and it can lead to childhood disorder such as bronchitis and heart disease (Brownson, Eriksen, Davis and Warner 163). Because of the very strong carcinogenic effects, public health measures have progressed over the years. This has resulted in workplace restrictions to smoking, bans on public smoking and even voluntary measures taken in private industries.

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