Differences between juvenile diversion and probation.

 FACE IT Program FACE-IT Program This report examines one of the programs run by Juvenile Probation and Detention Services which is a division of the Administrative Office of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit of Lake County, Illinois. The division runs four programs which are Juvenile Intake, Juvenile Detention, Juvenile Probation and FACE-IT Residential Treatment. The subject of discussion in this paper is FACE-IT Residential Treatment.

FACE-IT program is a special juvenile service unit focused on juvenile probationers and their families. FACE-IT stands for Family and Community Engaged In Treatment. It is a residential treatment program and helps troubled youths to be more productive in society without engaging in criminal behavior. The juveniles admitted are those who have experienced difficulty at home, in school and in the society. The program is designed in such a manner that juveniles attend some the sessions with their parents. In such a manner it becomes possible for juveniles to advance their relationship and communication skills with their parents. Families are offered the necessary tools for solving intra-family conflicts especially those concerning juveniles’ behaviors. On average this session takes between 6 to 9 months.

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Differences between juvenile diversion and probation.
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Effectiveness of FACE-IT Program

This program is designed to be effective. The subdivisions under it are well designed to ensure that they maximally achieve their intended goals. These subdivisions include Job Skills, Garden Club, COG Group (Thinking For A Change), Reading Club – Read For Life, Aggression Replacement Training (ART), and The Seven Challenges.

Job Skills: Under this subdivision, residents are imparted with vital skills required for job hunting. These include completing applications, making follow-ups, being in the appropriate attires and on job skills. Through the FACE – IT program, residents have a chance to acquire part time employment. The skills gained through the Job Skills subdivisions are definitely of great value to the juveniles enrolled in the FACE – IT program.

COG Group: This is a very important division of FACE – IT which helps the residents to adopt better thinking techniques. This division enhances the residents to learn how to enhance their cognition abilities. The lessons are delivered in small group settings.

Aggression Replacement Training: This is a training designed to help aggressive youths change from their aggression. This training touches on “social skill competence, anger-control and moral reasoning” (Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, 2013, p. 1). The skills gained under this program can be used throughout life.

The Seven Challenges: ‘The seven challenges’ is a training package designed for youth engaged in drugs. The training helps such youths to enhance their commitment to change their drug taking behavior for better things. The Garden and Reading Clubs are equally important as they equally impart juveniles with lifelong skills.

FACE IT program can therefore be said to be a highly effective training for delinquent juveniles. Its unique approach of including parents with their children helps to strengthen family ties. In such a manner, family units are strengthened as they are enriched with communication and conflict solving tools. The juveniles particularly stand to reap the biggest benefits from this program as they learn skills they could have paid for to learn. Skills such as those that help to develop cognitive thinking are highly valued as they help in making the best decisions especially when there are conflicting interests. By helping youths to learn such skills, they come out of the program well armed to change not only their lives but also those of others.


Nineteenth Judicial Circuit. (2013). Division of Juvenile Probation and Detention Services. Nineteenth Judicial Circuit. Retrieved from http://www.19thcircuitcourt.state.il.us/Organization/Pages/juvserv_home.

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