Development of Collective Bargaining in the United States.

Collective bargaining policies in the United States have played a very important role over the years. There were numerous efforts that were made for the development of collective bargaining by the way of formation of various legislations and labor unions. For the development of collective bargaining in the United States, there had been a lot of conflicts that were determined to arise between the employers and the employees. There were conflicts relating to the rights of the employees, management and the unions in the organizations. There were also conflicts that were viewed which accounted for increasing wages and salaries that were demanded by the employees. During this conflicting period, managers/employers were given full right to dismiss the workers/employees which was very objectionable for the employees (Andrews, 1981). Collective bargaining in the past was a major source of challenge for the US. It was more of a despicable situation when employers and employees had to cope up with the practice of this concept. However, the employees seem to suffer the most at all times because of the exclusion of collective bargaining in the US organizations (Mills, 1981).

However, with the passage of time, the US has been able to adopt and practice collective bargaining and follow liberalization in the wage structures of the employees. The American labor policies have been formulated as per the company standards. The governing laws of the US in the organizational context have strived to keep pace with growth and maintain competitiveness with the organizations of different countries. The governing principles of US are now focusing towards incorporating collective bargaining at a whole new level in order to improve the economy of the country by a considerable extent. 

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