Development of a Successful Business Environment.

 Even the multi-billionaire companies found it difficult, to exist in the market. The companies are looking for alternative solutions. Some of them looking for diversification, some others went for mergers with counterparts. Most of the governments are now encouraging the private sector participation in more areas though some of the critical sectors still keep under the control of governments. A suitable business environment should be created by the government to capitalize on the advantages of Globalization and Liberalization. “An effective work environment is vital to the success of small businesses and large corporations alike. When problems remain unsolved and rule never get implemented, the result can be an unproductive staff and a stale work environment” (David Kingston-Creating a positive, productive and successful work environment)

A positive work environment does not depend on the number of employees the organization has. It is the management who is responsible for conducting things to promote the people’s spirit. Without a chance to grow, workers will not live up to their successful potential. People working together with a common aim will accomplish tasks with ease. If the management offers employees the opportunity for advancement, then they are more likely to say that they will still be working for the company. Mutual trust and belief between the management and the employees is important for a healthy business environment. Strict rules and an autocratic approach of management will never helpful for a successful business environment. This will destroy whatever the motivation the employees have and ultimately will result in lower productivity. Promotion within the company is always a good idea as it motivates people who want to do their best so that they can make it to the next level.

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 Development of a Successful Business Environment.
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The trust the management have& its employees will encourage employees to sacrifice anything to assist the company.

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