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          Deforestation is the removal of forests on a big level by cutting down plants or burning of forests for fulfilling the personal needs. Forests are of great importance for the whole human fraternity as well as managing the natural balance in the environment. However, human beings are regularly cutting down trees without seeing its side effects on the society and environment. Forests are very necessary for us and our future generations to enjoy and live a healthy and peaceful life in a healthy environment free of pollution.

          The most common reason why people do deforestation to clear the land for farming and plantings. They also remove the trees to make other land uses including, pastures, settlements, roads, and infrastructure. Firewood and lumber also obtained from the deforestation process. Another reason why deforestation applied is for the development of industries like paper, match-sticks, and furniture industry. If we ignore this illegal logging activity, the percentage of trees on earth will decrease and other lives will be endangered.

          Forests are required for the wellness of wild animals, human beings, and the environment. Because of deforestation, many unique species of plants and animals has been extinct permanently. The process of plant cutting is disrupting the natural carbon cycle and increasing its level in the environment day by day. Forests are the best medium to utilize the CO2 gas from the environment as well as remove other pollutants from the atmosphere and thus maintain the freshness of the environment. Whenever trees are destroyed or burned by any means, it releases carbon and methane which is dangerous for human life. Both of the gases are called as the greenhouse gas and involve in the greenhouse effect which ultimately causes global warming. 

          Forests are very necessary for the proper rain, getting medicine, air freshness, removing air pollution, getting wood for many purposes. When we cut plants, it disturbs all the cycles and affects human lives. Instead of cutting plants to fulfill the need of paper, we should make the habit of recycling old things as possible to avoid the cut of new plants. Just imagine the planet without water, life is not possible. And the same way, life is also not possible without plants and forests as they are the source of rain, fresh air, animal habitat, and wood.

          Animals will lose their habitat if humans threaten the forest as most animals live in the forest. If this happens, wildlife such as snakes, tigers and monkeys will run into human territory for searching their shelter and food. Humans will be endangered by these wild animals, and sometimes they will kill humans for food. Therefore, humans need to be aware of and protect the wildlife habitat in the wild from overhead so that animals will not endanger human habitat. 

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