Definition of the Tall Ships Festival 2014. 

The Tall Ships Festival is an annual event held in San Pedro during the summer which brings together an assortment of ships into the port of Los Angeles where they compete and the crowd watches and cheers while others are onboard those ships enjoying themselves on the Pacific Ocean. It is not only entertaining but aims to preserve maritime heritage. The Tall Ships Festival can be an educational as well as entertaining experience.

The ships are simply magnificent and nothing like I have ever seen before. The ships just like the name suggests are very tall, being made tall by the sails and masts or just how they have been made. I may not know all the different types of ships present but I can identify a few ships that look like the battleships I have watched in some action movies and simply seeing them is an awesome experience.

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 Definition of the Tall Ships Festival 2014. 
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The number of people on the port is uncountable as they are into their thousands. Women are dressed in short shorts and halter tops all complete with sandals and wide-brimmed hats to prevent the scorching sun. The men, on the other hand, are also dressed in shorts and male sandals and t-shirts. The same goes for the children. It is not surprising that there are no animals as they are not allowed but the large crowds make up for the lack of animal sounds.

Not everyone is entering the ships for the competition but some people are left behind mostly for fear of water or simply to watch over the children scared of the tall humongous ships. The air is filled with different noises from laughter to shouts and screams to even sounds of crying children and of course of the water being disturbed by the ships and the sound is soothing and good music to the ears of those relaxing in the shaded areas and benches.

The place is protected from accidents by use of fences. Car traffic is heavy as people are entering the port but there are numerous parking attendants pointing to the large parking spaces. Those on foot are carried using the shuttles to the port from the two entry points but since the shuttles are not many, the first priority is being given to those in wheelchairs and crutches, pregnant women as well as those with small children which is very interesting.&nbsp.

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