Definition of educaton

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Definition of educaton. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. An educated person can be defined as one who possesses general knowledge in order to make rational decisions, skills to perform required tasks such as critical thinking, learning and speaking abilities and an open, willing and intellectually curious mind set to constantly keep the mind engaged. Being educated is not only concerned with attaining academic degrees but is also based on how the person uses the academic learning and other acquired abilities in their activities. It should help in developing a person into a complete individual who is able to independently think, rationalize and make the right decisions and judgments. The first and foremost important requirement for any educated person is knowledge as it is required in order to make any decisions about what to do, say or believe. This knowledge should encompass both fundamental or foundational knowledge as well as non-foundational knowledge. The former includes matters which are basic such as the earth we live in and the matter surrounding us. However this information may not be of any practical value but they will definitely help people to gain an understanding about reality and their surroundings and also will lead to further inquiries. The non-foundational knowledge is more specific, limited and detailed in nature such as knowing the composition of common salt or understanding the functioning of the human system. Individuals should definitely possess the foundational knowledge as it sows the seeds for further reasoning and inquiry. In addition to possessing knowledge educated people should also have the skills and abilities that will help them to apply their knowledge to practical use. This includes skills to do work, speak, listen and think. The right thinking skills will enable a person to make rational and intelligent decisions. The thinking skills include a general and a specific component. The general component includes decision making about regular activities while the specific component is mostly related to work and other related activities. Educated people should also be able to learn independently in order to get accustomed to the changing environment and people. Constant learning will help people to better engage with their work and would also give vent to their creative abilities. This skill will help them to modify or expand their exiting thoughts thereby resulting in a higher thinking. In addition to learning an educated person should also be able to converse effectively as only the right form of communication will help in transferring one’s thoughts and beliefs. While it is not practically possible for achieving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through an education program, it is therefore necessary for people to constantly learn and update these skills as they grow. It is equally important for an educated person to be endowed with the right mind set as only the right attitude will help people to use the knowledge which they have gained, have an open mind to the thoughts and opinions of others, question propositions and ration their acceptability and become intellectually curious and evolve into a complete individual. Thus the purpose of education should be merely attributed to gaining degrees and work. rather it should contribute to the overall development of the individual. It should enable the individual to distinguish between right and wrong and also stick to what they believe. While some of these skills and capabilities can be gained from an institution, an individual can also derive such learning and thinking experiences during his contact with his family or the outside world either in his work or other related activities. The manner in which an individual presents himself to the world with or without the qualities and attributes presented above will help to determine the true nature of his education. Reference Mohanan, K.P. “Ingredients of educatedness.” Center for Development of Teaching and Learning. n.d. Web. 1 June 2011.

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Definition of educaton
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