Defining Genetics

Defining GeneticsWhile genetics as a field of study is relatively new compared to the study of biology or chemistry, it is still steeped in history and can offer hope for the future. During the course, you will look at the fundamental concepts in genetics. In this first Discussion, it will be important to look back and forward and learn from research and each other.Please thoroughly address the following topics:How would you define genetics after completing the Unit 1 Reading?Since all forms of life are genetically related, find one example of how information learned from the genetic information of another organism has been beneficial to humans.Imagine being able to manage a team of genetic researchers. What genetic discovery would you like to have solved first? Explain.Discuss why you think genetics is important to us personally and as a society.Be sure to answer all Discussion topics in an original, well-thought-out manner. Main posts should be at least 200 words and include a reference. Make frequent, informed references to this unit’s material. Engage in on-going, productive conversation by responding to a minimum of two classmates per thread. Responses to classmates should consist of approximately minimum of 50 words. Remember you will learn more by sharing ideas.

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Defining Genetics
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