Dealing with Unfaithfulness in Relationships

Write 5 pages with APA style on Dealing with Unfaithfulness in Relationships. The young generation is the most affected when it comes to the issue of unfaithfulness in a relationship. The unanswered question is why these observed trends. Moore argues that most people have often opted for a revenge mission whenever their spouse disappoints them by relating to other people other than them (Moore 54). This paper is going to examine the effectiveness and the appropriateness of the revenge system as an effective way of combating the love attack in an affair that has been rocked by the verge of unfaithfulness. A revenge attack largely seems as a retaliatory mechanism is the most appropriate way of dealing with the unfaithful partner. For a fact, this works better for anyone to someone who wants to discipline his or her cheating lover. I can support this on certain grounds which I consider wholesome and necessary especially in today’s context. First, it is good for us to admit the fact that we all agree with each other, both men and women before starting off a relationship. If we do not agree with each other’s opinions and proposals, we would not have stepped even our broken legs into the affair. Now the grand question concerning this is, if we really consider our ideas mature and that we respect ourselves and our opinions, then when we revoke the humble decisions’ that we make when sober-minded, are we not exposing our nakedness of the mind of the whole public? Are we disagreeing with the fact that we are mature before the whole public? The whole understanding here is that those who are able to relate at an age good enough to see the sense in living together as married couples are mature enough to make very mature decisions before engaging themselves into such serious affairs. The question of who is doing what contrary to the agreement made should, therefore, be out of the question. It is true that revenge missions carry very heavy messages to the offenders that they can never forget.

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Dealing with Unfaithfulness in Relationships
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