Deaf Community Church.

What had been learnt in class is only theoretical language that needed to be practiced practically in the real life situation by meeting the deaf and talking to them in order to gauge my knowledge of understanding the language. The purpose of the visit was also to have an understanding of what this community feels like. One can only understand if you have an experience with them to see how they are friendly, how they joke, and how much they enjoy the service?

As I was going to this event, I had one question to answer during this course, what exactly make this community bond so strong? It became so had at first to figure out this bond but as I observe them communicating through signs with each other, I realized that these people understood one another because of their common experience that resulted from their state. The fact that they were using the American Sign Language (ASL) was the most important thing that kept them bonded so strongly.

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Some body watching from far distance would not expect this event to be fan especially a church service that I attended, and as a matter of fact, I belonged to that category. I expected a boring event full of only deaf and feeling nervous without knowing where to start from. An event full of only deaf people came into my mind that it could only be a very quiet place with people only in sign language.

Actually after the event, I realized that it was actually not boring or even silent as I had thought. Before that, as I entered the church compound, I thought of finding a place to sit as I meditate. I was feeling nervous. Besides the church under a tree, there was a bench with two ladies sited on it and signing. My challenge was, they just sat with little space left even though the seat looked spacious, so I had to open a conversation to request for a place to sit.

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