DB 4 Management and Leadership.

 Management and Leadership DB 4 Management and Leadership In the thought of Cawsey, Deszca &amp. Ingols 120), a vision is an elucidation of the road ahead, and that vision puts a lot of emphasis on the abilities, energy, opportunities and an understanding of the call for change. The authors continue to argue that change leaders have no option but to focus on the vision, and how the same will be communicated to the employees in the organization (Cawsey, Deszca &amp. Ingols, 2011: 121). On the other hand, it is of essence to note that an understanding of the fundamental basics of the organizational vision allows for the attainment of the company’s mission.

In the case of an internet retailer that involves a lot of inventive technology, and organizational flexibility, I would draw on the mission of the organization, as this would allow me work with what to expect in the future, and what the employees must strive to portray in the long run. Working on the mission statement allows the organization function outside the existing boundaries, and instill more creativity among the employees. I will also be very positive and inspiring to my employees, as this is the only way that the cycle of goals, objectives and strategies will be complete (Cawsey, Deszca &amp. Ingols, 2011: 121).

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Working with the sub-units in the retail organization would allow me devise a change process. Cawsey, Deszca &amp. Ingols (2011: 121) argue that working with sub-sections allows for generation of emotional vigor, commitment, and clear direction of the ideal future of the internet retailer. Since an entry and consistency in the internet retail market requires that the change agents- leaders- dream big, I will endeavor to come up with exciting, concise and challenging visions. In this case, I will have energized and mobilized employees to undertake initiatives that will lead to the internet retailer one of the best shops in existence (Cawsey, Deszca &amp. Ingols, 2011: 121).

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