Culture and Religion

Need help with my writing homework on Culture and Religion. Write a 1000 word paper answering; These groups find their linkage with four caliphs of Islam.

Owlat people are given special respect by tribes of Turkmenistan and their property is inviolable in Turkmenistan. This status of inviolable property has strengthened the Owlat people by ensuring economic stability. Pilgrimage of shrines is the activity that kept people of Turkmenistan on the path of Islam. Despite all the banes of soviet rule on pilgrimage activities, people kept visiting the holy sites because of their emotional and spiritual attachments. After getting the independence from soviet rule, the pilgrimage activities once again flourished in Turkmenistan. Importance of holy activities and their impact on human life and on culture is discussed in detail in paragraphs to follow:

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Culture and Religion
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Pilgrimage culture prevailed by early tribal settlement in Turkmenistan and this culture and trends were brought by “Oghuz Khan”. Turkmen follow “holy groups” known as “Owlat”. Six Owlet groups are respected according to level of their spiritual powers. These groups find their linkage with four caliphs of Islam and ultimately with Prophet (peace be upon him). Turk people started considering Owlat people for different festivals of life like, marriage, life cycle, cultivation of crops and religious guidance etc.

Every important work of human life used to get started with the hands of an Owlat, for the reasons of good end. “Gonambashi” is the term used for head of a cemetery in Turkmenistan. Gonambashi is the first man buried and around him, other people of community are buried. Gonambashi was respected for its spiritual powers to help people coming to his grave. “Keramatlier” is another word used during shrine activity that means “place of miracles”.

According to soviet specialists, Muslims of 20th century called themselves “half Muslims”, because of not following real teachings of Islam.

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