Cultural History of Korea:Since 1876 (Critical Response paper).

The readings begin by highlighting the Cummings article “Koreas Place in the Sun: A Modern History of Korea”, and finally provides a critique on Kim Il-Sung article “springtime for Kim-Il-Sung in Pyongyang” by Kim, Suk-Young. A conclusion to the highlighted parts is also presented at the end of the essay.

In chapter 8 of the book, Cummings (470) explains the three incidents whereby the US security guards were hacked by North Korean security officers. As such, the Americans envisioned defensive exploitation of nuclear weapons in Korea due to the fact that they were coward in using them in the most extremity (Cumming 500). Cummings use American planners to explore the use of neutron bomb weapon to kill their opponents, and maintain the buildings within the state. Use of neutron bombs was an ethical way of breaking up the Soviet invasion without affecting the country and the citizens. Cummings (510-513) demonstrates that due to the division of the peninsula between the warring nations, the Korean history is greatly politicized. Due to the forced control powers between the year 1920s and 1930s, the article clearly describes how Japan provided a new policy called the cultural policy that was exploited to incorporate Koreans into Japanese (Cummings 500). The colonization of Japanese forced the Koreans to bring in war weapons, and this caused Japan to enforce industrialization and modernization in Korea, for its economic productivity.

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Cultural History of Korea:Since 1876 (Critical Response paper).
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Cummings (406) demonstrates that Korea crammed over the great powers, especially during the Cold War. The Korean War is commonly on military and political leadership, and it is indicated that the city was divided and decimated due to the warring countries. This demonstrates the real emergence of reunification. The positive movement in Korea was tempered by frustration among the great leaders and in the late 19 centuries.

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