Culinarian Cookware.

Write 5 pages with APA style on – Culinarian Cookware. The company has conducted previous price promotions of 20% discount in the year 2004 (for CX1 Tyro collection line), in the year 2005 (for CX1, DX1 line) and in the year 2006 (CX1 and DX1 line). Vice President of Marketing’s View Vice president of marketing for the company believes there is no need for adopting price promotion because that can hurt the premium brand image of the company. He took help of research report prepared by consulted to show that price promotion in 2004 impacted negatively to the profit margin of the company. The company hired external consultant to analyze profitability of 2004 price promotion. The consultant pointed out price promotion has caused of loss of $469, 489 as contribution during 2004 period. Time series analysis shows that unit sales for DX1 line decreased by 4800 units during price promotion hence external consultant concluded that $99,332 was lost as contribution DX1 product line due to brand cannibalization. Taking support from above mentioned statistics marketing vice president of the company concluded that price promotion for a single product line might increase sales revenue for that particular brand but it would eat the revenue of other brand. Price promotion for a particular product line will encourage customers to switch from purchasing other product lines offered by the company in order to purchase discounted products and as a result total revenue earned by Culinarian Cookware would be decreased. Senior Sales Manager’s View Senior sales manager is in support for price promotion and she pointed out that report of external consultant is apocryphal due to following reasons. Sales revenue for first quarter of 2004 was 24% low in comparison to sales revenue for the same quarter in 2003 hence due to external reasons. She concluded that company should not blame price promotion alone for the low sales volume of second quarter in 2004 and sales data for the year should be judged by lowering the margin by 24%. Inclusion of elements other than labor and raw material in variable cost calculation in the report was questioned by her. Cannibalization cost calculation method was also questioned by her. Industry Trend Research data shows offering gift with purchase is more successful push strategy in comparison to price promotion strategy. Competitors of Culinarian Cookware such as Robusto and Le Gourmand offer gifts with purchase. Multi dimensionality of the condition forced Culinarian Cookware to rethink about implementing price promotion strategy to increase sales revenue. Major marketing challenge for the company is to select a pricing strategy which can help them achieve sustainable growth in near future. Analysis of the Current Situation Strength Culinarian Cookware sells premium range cookware products and also the market leader with 6.5% market share in the premium product segment. They offer four product lines complemented with Tyro Collection (CX1), Classic Collection (DX1), Advanced Chef collection (SX1) and Professional Grade collection (PROX1). Variety of product line helps the company to cater multidimensionality of customer’s demand.

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