Cross-cultural analysis of the kitchen god’s wife.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses cross-cultural analysis of the kitchen god’s wife. As a function of this, this book proved to be a pivotal and seminal work within the genre of cross-cultural understanding as, even though it was a novel, it helped to open the eyes of many in and around the country as to the unique set of situations that individuals experienced as a function of not only being bi-racial and living in a juxtaposition of two alternate societies but attempting to draw a sense of personal identity between the two and forging a third as a result. Furthermore, although not the express intent of the book, the issues of assimilation and the firm choice that the second generation immigrant must make between the culture of their parents and the unique aspects of the culture that they have been raised into.

The novel opens with a discussion by the daughter of a Chinese-American father and a Chinese mother. Before going into a great deal of complexity regarding the nuanced nature of what specifically her mother asks of her, the daughter shows a general reluctance to oblige her mother of the requests she has. This is due partly to the fact that the daughter has, for all intents and purposes, become highly assimilated into American culture and does not hold a great deal of appreciation for the requirements of Chinese culture that her mother attempts to engage her with. This initial pushback with regards to cultural identity and the role that the daughter has accepted to play regardless of her own decision but by virtue instead of her birth sets out to be the greatest single determinant of strife and contention that the book reveals. Moreover, as a reflection of her general reluctance to actively engage in the culture that her parents so strongly hold, Pearl herself has married an American man and has even further identified with her American heritage than the construct of her ethnicity that her parents, specifically her mother, so actively holds to.

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Cross-cultural analysis of the kitchen god’s wife.
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Although initially turning down her mother’s mother’s invitation to participate in the cultural activities of which Pearl was none too interested, the death of a relative was what served to be the tipping point in coaxing Pearl to come back home and prepare for the funeral.&nbsp. While at the funeral and subsequent meal that the entire family partook, Aunt Helen pulls Pearl aside and proceeds to blackmail her into finally revealing to her mother the fact that she suffers from MS (multiple sclerosis).

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