Critiquing Business Plan In Emerging Market.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Critiquing Business Plan In Emerging Market.Businesses In Brazil. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. There are cases and instances that governments try to come to the aid of some of these entrepreneurs by use of favorable macro and micro economic policies. This notwithstanding, not all of these policies have eliminated the barriers. Interesting, studies have even confirmed that most economic policies put in place by the Brazilian central government also turn round to be barriers for most entrepreneurs seeking to start up new businesses especially those in the oil and gas sector, of which the biodiesel industry is part (Gartner, 1985). In this critique paper for a business plan that is ready for implementation of a biodiesel startup company in Brazil, the various barriers that may possibly exist and methods that can be used to mitigate each of these barriers are outlined. Licensing The licensing of company system that exists in Brazil could serve as a major barrier to both the entry and growth of the new biodiesel company intended for Brazil. This is because there are licensing regulations, which have been criticized by most economists and market players as being investor hostile. Unfortunately, such hostility exists in cases that the government feels that the coming of certain companies may be a major competition for existing and known state corporations (Ivanova, 2009). A typical example of this is in the area of energy, where even though there is an open market, the state still practices a casual monopoly, trying to prevent private participation. As part of the casual monopoly strategy, private individuals are made to undergo several routine processes in getting license to operate (Krasniqi, 2007). Meanwhile, the possession of a license to make the commencement of business in Brazil is very important as it opens the avenue for such companies to benefit and enjoy trade incentives that may exist. What is more, in order to have an international reputation and open one’s business up for international investment and other forms of business expansion options such as enlistment on the Brazilian Stock Exchange, license registration is demanded. A method to overcome this barrier would be to first enter the market as a partner to an existing registered local company. This way, the company will not be given the kind of hostile treatment given to expatriate companies. After some time when there is a separation in the ownership of the company, the license of the original company will over both separated companies if there was ownership up to a certain number of years. Lending and Credit bias in favor of multinationals Access to money for entrepreneurs remains a major barrier to growth for most new entrants in Brazil. This is because there is a form of lending and credit bias that favors existing and well established international and multinational companies as against new entrants and small and medium scale businesses in Brazil (Foley, 2003). Commonly, the financial institutions, most of which are banks try to justify some of these biases by explaining that new entrants and small and medium scale companies lack credit credibility. What this means is that they are not tried and tested in their finances such that they can be trusted with huge sums of credit. In most cases therefore, there is a limitation on the amount of money that can borrowed by these new entrants.

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