Critical Thinking about the Viet Nam Conflict.

Through inspiration he could not hold any longer the perception the war was not in favor of Americans (McNamara 37). Through the meeting of concerned individuals on the Vietnam conflict, he was aware that the US government and its representatives especially in Vietnam would not be amused of his speech. However, it was true that the Americans were not able to contain the Vietnam War against the communists due to enormous support that the Northern Vietnamese government received from fellow communists from other states (Karnow 10).

The US government at last involved the clergy in determining the fate of Vietnam situation. However, Martin Luther King Jr. could not hold the truth just to favor the demands of the US government and the intention to involve the clergy in resolving the strife at last. He reiterates that men prefer not to assume tasks that oppose their government. this was a repetition of the speech subject “A Time to Break the Silence.” Considering a situation that the American soldiers’ realized that Diem, a Southern Vietnamese leader was not able to strictly follow the American commands in Vietnam, he was assassinated by his own soldiers under the influence of US command. This was meant to enable the Americans take full control of the Southern Vietnam Army (Martin 21).

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Critical Thinking about the Viet Nam Conflict.
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The issues binding Vietnam to US were more perplexing causing dreadful conflicts which would have been avoided had the Americans consulted before the war commenced. However, some of the brave people who ever defied and corrected the US publicly had always face agony. He stressed that despite having vast knowledge of the security concerns, they had to speak the truth oblivious of the dangers that were associated with such concern (McNamara 41).

Martin Luther King Jr. affirmed that despite the risk concerns they had to speak with humility which was appropriate to their limited vision.

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