Critical summary

The song dynasty The song dynasty was a dynasty that started in the year 960 and continued until the year 1279. The dynasty succeeded over five dynasties and other ten kingdoms. The Yuan dynasty emerged after the song dynasty. The dynasty was the first dynasty in history to experience civilization through the issue of banknotes or paper money. Additionally, it was the first Chinese government to identify and obtain a permanent navy. Social and cultural practices, economy, and civilization are the main ideas in this section. However, civilization includes the use of paper or bank money, use of gunpowder, the idea of trade, science, movable type printing, and engineering (Ingram).

The issue of society and culture exists since the dynasty was in an era of administrative sophistication. Clubs were available to make people enjoy themselves apart from attending education and religious services in schools and temples. On the other hand, the dynasty was well off in terms of economy. This is because most people invested in joint-stock companies. Industries such as iron industry were evident in the era of the song dynasty. This section relates to other segments since they share common ideas. These ideas include as civilization, education, and economic structure. This segment can relate to better ideas such as creativity and invention since the dynasty invented new ideas such as the use of paper and bank money, the use of gunpowder and involvement in trade. Such issues help in fitting in the society to ensure maximization of better benefits.

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Critical summary
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Works cited

Ingram, Scott. The Song Dynasty. San Diego, Calif.: Black birch Press, 2004. Print.

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