Critical communication event on the internet.

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses critical communication event on the internet. Critical communication event on the internet al affiliation Critical communication event on the internet

Thanks to the internet, the event that took place at the airport was able to get to as a many people, all over, the world as fast as possible. from the eTurbo News Inc and ABC news, the occurrences of between Orto and South West Airlines personnel was no longer an alien story to most people. The event seemed to spread like fire all over the place. In Sarah Netter’s article of 2009 at the ABC news talked about the event in wider view. Readers become more enthusiastic to read more on the story from other websites like the Kathryn Report (2009) and the article by Knights (2009).

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 Critical communication event on the internet.
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The responsibility of the press to relay messages in such incidences was seen to come out very clearly. The public seemed to be very aware of the happenings at that particular time. The media did not assume its role in concealing information but portrayed the information to the mass just as the events unfold. The issue of size policy in relation to the Southwest Airlines came out clearly. With the news, the customers were much enlightened on who they would be dealing with the next time they use the Southwest airlines.

With the freedom of the press, many journalists attempted to conduct interview with Emery Orto to have a clear understanding on the views regarding to the issue. From the journalists’, judgment on various online articles, Orto seemed to have an irrational attitude and his communication with the authorities was not at all pleasant. Not only was it his size barred him from flying but his rude approach on the authorities. With the freedom of the press, each and every person is given an opportunity to air their views, in our case study, the huge person, Orto, and the refusal to board on the plane by the Southwest Airlines authority.


eTurboNews Inc. (2010). Passenger not allowed to board the plane because hes “too large to fly”. eTN.

Retrieved October 10, 2011, from http://www.eturbonews.

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