Criminal Organization.

MS-13 was formed in 1980s on the streets of Los Angeles’ Rampart and Pico-Union barrios by immigrants running away from civil war in El Salvador. Initially, MS-13 referred to itself as the Mara Salvatrucha Stoners2. It stressed partying and friendship, and the members defended each other from Hispanic bunch of criminals that intimidated them. MS-13 has evolved into a latent, atrocious, transnational criminal organization right from its foundation as a turf-oriented street gang.

MS-13 had its origin in the barrios of 1980s Los Angeles (LA). It was started with an objective of providing its members with a means of negotiating economic adversity, victimization and social isolation by other gangs just like any other LA gangs. Gangs advance an alternative, yet powerful individuality for individual associates in doing so, and usual provide entry into wider criminal activities3. MS-13, translated slackly as street-smart Salvadoran group, appeared as a means for Salvadoran immigrants to unite together against exploitation by the then dominant 18th Street gang.

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The Mara Salvatrucha Stoners evolved into Mara Salvatrucha 13 when it became a section of the constellation of Sureños- gangs in the red fealty to the Mexican mafia prison gang referred to as La Eme. The 13 refers to the letter M (Eme) the 13th letter of the alphabet, not 13th street as is usually incorrectly stipulated.

Since it was formed, the gang known as ms-13 has been evolving from a territorial gang to a more sophisticated gang that is working in the disguise of development activities, like influencing on good grounds and creating opportunities. Instead, the gang that was formed with positive intension has turned out to be a gang of thugs. They have been divided in order of ranks. Members of this gang assume that the gang is brought together by peaceful links and co-existence amongst themselves4.

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