Criminal Justice Studies

I will pay for the following article Criminal Justice Studies: Why young people in the UK get drawn into gangs. The work is to be 32 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. This particular research attempts to reveal the reasons for the high proportion of the young people in the UK is being engaged in criminal and offensive activities by joining gangs. In this context, the research attempts to determine the psychological factors that influence young people to join gangs. It is notable that the criminal and offensive people have unorthodox behavior. These people do not consider the widely acceptable ethical and moral values of life. Although, it is widely considered that gangs execute criminal and offensive activities through unethical and immoral ways. However, it is also worth mentioning that there are certain gangs across different parts of the world including the UK that do have moral objectives, but they execute the process in an unconventional manner. Moreover, it is prominent that social influence and stress also lead young individuals in the society to join gangs. The society that teaches young individuals regarding unethical and immoral concepts to the young people influences them significantly to conduct such criminal activities. Besides the aforementioned factors, it is also notable that the young individual, who have major financial liabilities, are also more likely to join gangs. This is because joining gangs provides scope or opportunity to the young people to earn money in a rapid manner.

In this respect, it is vital to understand the facts that are accountable for influencing the young people to join gangs. Correspondingly, the study would lead to the understanding of the root causes or reasons for joining gangs.

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Criminal Justice Studies
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