Crime analysis and investigation

I will pay for the following article Crime analysis and investigation 2. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Crime analysis and investigation: This is a brief introduction of the crime analysis that will be conducted later. Construction Industry is one of the toughest industries in the market. Many times, managers have to trust their employees in order to keep the things going smoothly. Every staff member holds a lot of responsibility and in most companies, staff is usually less in number for the load of work. When more load is put on their shoulders than the employees’ capacity, accountability is reduced. Such issues are most likely to surface in companies where the managers keep less number of employees to save all that money that would otherwise go in their salaries. Such an environment is most favorable for criminals and morally weak employees can make a lot of unjust money. The criminals can be experienced and trusted employees. One such story of crime is narrated in this paper. (Actors are Mr. X and the client).

An overview of the story:

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Crime analysis and investigation
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Mr. X has been working as a Marketing Manager for ABC company for over 5 years. He is responsible for earning the company new contracts. ABC company has been performing services in the Construction Industry for quite a while and has managed to gain the satisfaction of clients. Often, a client would directly approach ABC company for the execution of a new project. Therefore, the clients make negotiated contracts with ABC company. Mr. X makes all correspondence with the client on behalf of ABC company. One day a client calls him since the client wants ABC company to perform the services of a contractor on his upcoming project.

Mr. X and the client exchange words. The client told Mr. X that he wants ABC company to construct a plaza for him. He says that he wants a lump sum contract with ABC company and gives Mr. X a set of drawings and the contract documents. Mr. X does not discuss about the offer with the owners, and tells the client an exaggerated price on behalf of the ABC company. He does that so that he can convince the client that he should instead choose Mr. X for his new project instead of ABC company. He tells the client that he is ready to complete the project at a much lower price than that of ABC company. The client accepts the offer and selects Mr. X to perform the services of contractor for his project. Thus Mr. X commits the crime of betraying his company and meets the clients for personal interests.

Such crimes are plainly a result of the owners’ carelessness, and can be controlled by developing a proper accountability system. Owners should realize that the investment is worth it.

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