: Creativity report.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Creativity report. Creativity and innovation have become valuable features of leading companies. Schirrmacher (1988) defines creativity as one’s ability to see things in novel ways. it is breaking boundaries and going beyond the known facts. It is also developing something new, different and original and combining things which do not seem to be related to each other but eventually makes sense when put together. This is closely related to innovation which is sparked by a new idea. The idea can be a new technology such as a gadget that can provide more convenience to consumers, a new service like an alternative form of relaxation, a new product, or even a new administrative procedure. Such ideas are driven by needs that are seen by the innovators. Innovation requires creativity. In organizations, innovation becomes the growth of a new idea from its initial state into its actualized form as a full-blown innovation (Roberts, 2006). Thus, creativity is at work when one innovates.

The ongoing global recession has caused the shutdown of several companies, leading to massive unemployment. Epic Events Management Company is a small company that has likewise suffered the blow, with many of their clients opting to forgo their special events as a way of cutting down expenses. To keep the company afloat, they had to let go of a large part of their office space which occupied the whole floor of a prominent building downtown. The CEO decided to just keep his office for entertaining clients, the team room with a few office tables and the reception area. Because of this drastic move, they have significantly saved on rental expenses. The problem now lies on how they would rearrange the office so that all the staff can fit in and still be productive. On top of that, they need to think up of other alternative income-generating ideas that will augment the losses incurred from the lack of projects.

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