Creativity in a business context

 Skilled and experienced employees can be considered as important assets of an organization. Employee motivation can be considered as an important aspect that needs to be considered by an organization. Effective employee motivation can enhance the entire workplace performance as well as the business performance of an organization. An organization can ensure effective employee motivation through a significant leadership style of the organizational leader. In addition to this, the Royal Planner is also suffering from workplace conflicts that have been developed due to the inadequate compensation distribution process. Several employees within the organization are trying to leave the organization due to a lack of motivation and unequal compensation distribution issues. This essay will try to investigate the problem. Moreover, the essay will discuss the problems that are facing by the organization.

It is highly important for the organization to adopt and implement an effective creative problem-solving the model in the business operation process to overcome the process. Lastly, the organization will evaluate the usefulness of the theories of creativity in supporting the program of recommended work.

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Creativity in a business context
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It is highly important for Royal Planner to identify the issues and problems that are affecting the business performance of the organization. The organization is facing several workplace-related issues. Lack of employee motivation, inadequate payment distribution, and poor leadership quality affected the business performance of Royal Planner. Parnes-Osborn’s CPS model and technique can be implemented in order to investigate the problems and issues. First of all, it is highly important to identify real issues (Abott, 1988, pp.65). It will help the researcher to adopt and implement an effective and appropriate CPS Model that can help the organization to overcome the recent issues.

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