Creative life writing.

Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses creative life writing. The nighttime was unpleasantly cold. Maureen sat back and remained still on her bed, struggling not to tremble. Any motions or move about could be heard by the other mean convent sisters. She tried to control her breathing, in order not to trigger nausea in the extraordinarily freezing air despite the fact that her heart wanted to beat its way out of her chest. Her body was uneasy, as she had to wait for the morning almost throughout the night.

Finally, it was morning, and the chattering and babbling noises of morning birds reverberated throughout the trees. Moreover, she knew she had finally walloped the recognizable gold of her patients. Enthusiasm endangered to compel her gulp of air into an unbalanced struggle for breath, but she tried to remain in control of herself. By now she knew the other sisters were up. She challenged to turn her head over so steadily, to look closely through the spaces between the beds in the dormitory. A pair of shimmering eyes in the narrow glow bounced in her direction. Then she reckoned she would have only seconds.

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They drew more rapidly, and she allowed her muscles to be overwrought, set for confrontations she would have to face, she thought to herself. Without warning, there was a heavy tap on her shoulder and what followed was the glare of two big eyeballs and a hoarse voice saying, “Getcha loaf off the bed you muppet!” Maureen starred at Mother Teresa and in her head said to herself, “I wonder if she knows the Jesus, she preaches about.

“I am having a bad dose, Mother Teresa,” Said Maureen. The look from the gigantic woman made Maureen’s arms move of its individual agreement as she tried to lift her helpless body off the bed. Maureen’s feet reached for the ground. She howled while yawning and gurgled stretching her muscles after a long night. She put on her sandals and walked down the hallway, knowing the routine it was time for morning prayers before taking breakfast. By now, Maureen could not hold her nausea anymore as she headed hurriedly for the bathroom. When there she let it go, and it took all her energy making her sit on the floor despite how unhygienic and unthinkable it was.

She slowly opened the door and soon after noticed a shadow below her feet. When she looked up she could see the silhouette of a gigantic woman before her, as the sunlight rays made it difficult to tell who it was. She moved towards Maureen and said, “Relax my child, it is me, Angela.” Maureen then stepped back in a manner to hide her face from the blaring sunlight. As she regained her sight, she noticed an elderly woman was staring at her belly. She then said, “how’s the body me a little child?” Maureen replied, “Am doing just good sister.” But Angela became persistent and asked, “And why are ya spoofing off ya mouth here?” Maureen then looked down and said, “You must not tell anyone of this but am up to the duff Sister.” Angela sat down next to her in astonishment.

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