Creative Exercise. 

Option College are often called dreamers because of the idealistic world that we conjure in our minds. That perfect little world where everything is perfect because we manipulate and organize details in order to lead people to a better and brighter future. In a world where everything is in shambles and life has no meaning or direction for most people, a creative mind such as mine would easily influence them into following me on my path towards self improvement and reliance.

Those who choose to follow me will do so with the expectation that I shall create a world where taxes do not exist because I believe that people who work do not need to pay revenue to the government. Instead, the government will rely on the business license renewals, sales taxes, real estate taxes, and other non-individual tax revenues for its operation.

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 Creative Exercise. 
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I will lead them into a world where education is of the utmost importance and yet costs the parent very little to spend on. It wont be hard to do this because the child will be home schooled by their parents, using the internet as the basis of their classroom setting. Standardized testing of the child will be done by the Department of Education thus, only the testing fees shall be charged as additional government revenue. The test will be the prerequisite to moving on to the next level of education just as in a regular school.

The world that I envision is one where people will not want nor lack for anything because all the taxes collected shall go towards providing with public with as much free services as possible. This will include free medical services with nominal fees charged for major operations and procedures.

Mine shall be a world with a government that is down-scaled because only the most necessary government offices shall be in place. Redundancy will not exist because government agencies will know how to multitask in the service of the people.

The Utopian world that I shall lead the people to will take them back to the simpler times when people grew their own food and farming was the proud way of life that people used to sustain themselves. It is a world where sharing is the key to survival , not money.

Of course I shall lead them towards this type of world and lifestyle to the best of my abilities. Whether I successfully lead them or not will depend upon whether they are willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve the utopian society that I will strive to create for everyone concerned.

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