Creating a thesis and an outline on Argumentative and Assignment.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Argumentative and Assignment. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. One of these alternatives of giving remedies to diseases and ailment is referred to as homeopathy. In homeopathy, the proponents propose that when highly diluted form of infection substances are injected into the body of an ailing person with the same disease. he/she is able to realize normalcy since the highly diluted form of the antigens injected in the body will eradicate the ailment. This proposal has elicited serious rejection form different quarters with the proponents and the opponents maintaining equal position with reference to the effectiveness of homeopathy. Thesis Statement Having conceptualize the information surrounding homeopathy and how it gives remedies to diseases and ailment, I have not found any scientific backing as to whether the proposed form of rendering remedy can indeed work as stated. I therefore hold a contrary opinion about the process, believe that the process is short of basic science, and cannot be relied upon in giving medication in the contemporary medication arena. In the Article titled ‘Evidence and Simplicity. Why we should Reject Homeopathy’ by Scott Sehon and Donald Stanley, there is a logical criticism on the functionality of homeopathy as a form of medication. In the criticism of the way homeopathy works, the article sought to address two fundamental questions about the remedy. is there a plausible explanatory theory about homeopathy that will make it appreciable by the opponent and if that is the case. Can we fully rely on homeopathy as a way of giving remedies given it usefulness as proposed by the proponent and is there sound and empirical evidence that the effectiveness of homeopathy is real (Sehon and Stanley, 4). The tow questions that were sought in the articles drew party answers from the proponents leaving a row of speculation on the efficacy of their proposed method of remedies. The proponents of this method of medication themselves accept that they don’t understand the science behind it and all they know is that it works miraculously, this response is irresponsible in the science domain. In science, cogent evidence, clarity, examples, and inferences are important facets of convincing eager audience about a proposal. Without scientific backing, such proposals are at best considered bad jokes. According to science, for anything to be considered able to give remedy, it must consider to explain the chemistry art of the medication and how it interacts with the body physiology. These important facts are ignored by homeopathy making its belief significantly impossible. The only defense the proponents of homeopathy are putting forth is that the medication needs not to march the western medication. The reason as to why I find the functionality of homeopathy patchy is the principle known in the medicinal field. Small microorganisms called antigens are responsible for the occurrence of diseases. The diseases are caused by the antigens, which are specific, and exhibit similar clinical symptoms from one person to another. The antigens are different and can only be cleared by the different drugs or prevented by vaccines. In homeopathy, this is not the case. the same antigens responsible for the occurrence of a disease are also responsible for the remedies upon dilution.

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Creating a thesis and an outline on Argumentative and Assignment.
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