Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses promotional media ecologies.

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses promotional media ecologies. Having its root in the agricultural economics, marketing management was developed to cope with mass production that triggered mass consumption in the 20th century. Additionally, the establishment of market research was a major step that was undertaken by early marketers in order to fully understand the needs of their customers. In this way, organization would produce quality brands based on the requirement of their consumers. Another key strategy that local and international companies have adopted is the storage of consumer’s information in order to contact them in future. This paper critically discusses the implications of digital panopticism and profiling for consumers. As stipulated by Foucault (2004), profiling for consumers is imperative for organizations that are focused at in identifying and responding to the changing consumer needs. In the same way, Tredinnick (2008) indicates that the growth of modern technology is vital in undertaking consumer surveillance. In this regard, one of the major implications of digital panopticism is effective market research that is vital in identifying what the consumers want. During the 2oth century, companies market segments were significantly big a situation that affected effective management of markets thus making it difficult to provide personalized products and services. However, due to the digitization and development of new information technologies, smaller consumer clusters and smaller market segments have emerged. Likewise, the establishment of consumer database is a key transition that has led to effective management of customer segments. As argued by Jason and Detlev (2010) the development of a system of consumer segment that was referred to as A Classification of Residential Neighbourhoods ACORN that was focused at proper storage of consumer information was essential. One of the notable icons who significantly contributed in market segmentation through information technology is Jonathan Robbin. Based on his contributions and development of software in the marketing field, social clusters emerged. Another implication of digital Panopticism was improved market intelligence. Through storing of information that related to various market segments, marketers are now able to clearly understand socio-economic factors, consumer’s preferences and tastes that are fundamental in the production and delivery of products. Through collection of adequate market information that relates to the needs of consumers, firms are in a position to emulate effective marketing mix that matches the needs of their customers. Emergence of socio-demographic surveillance and real development in consumer surveillance is another major result of the digitalization. This was based on the extensive marketing studies that include algorithmic analysis and data mining (Jason and Detlev, 2010). As a result of the extensive use of information technologies, companies can now identify behavioural relationship and consumption patterns that could not be recognized before the use of modern technologies. For example, through the use of internet, consumers can now give feedback that is used by companies such as Coca-Cola to produce brands that are needed by their consumers.

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Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses promotional media ecologies.
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