Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses the use of recurring theme in ha-jins work.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses the use of recurring theme in ha-jins work. The research paper “The Use of Recurring Theme in Ha-Jin’s Work” analyses the creative works of a popular poet and novel writer Ha-Jin and his new and unique view of literature.

He majorly writes about his experience during his stay in China, his experience during the proletarian Cultural Revolution of 1956, being the main fueling factor that propelled him to speak out through writing short stories in his famous collection known as The Red Flag, in which he points out the then normal daily lives of villagers. His work majorly revolves around attempts to speak the truth of life as it is without sugarcoating the psychology of the reader in order to make the work appealing. To some point, he views himself as a spokesperson of the people, but then his career as a writer prevents him from fully expressing his emotions and grievances.

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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses the use of recurring theme in ha-jins work.
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The main theme in his new works is humanity and human feasibility, which he explores throughout his later literary works. For instance, he focuses on the most recent political activities, as well as how these activities affect humanity’s life. He explicitly explored the political regime and its unfriendly reality, which was manifested in human’s life. An example is the story, Waiting (1999), which does not address the issues of culture revolution, but rather focuses on one’s personal life, the desire of the heart, their love life. Dr. Lin Kong and Shuyu are forced to wait for eighteen years before marrying because he had not gotten his divorce approved by the court. Later, he gets the long coveted divorce then marries her after being permitted by a law that allowed those who have been separated for eighteen years to divorce. however, after marrying her, he does not seem to love her. The desires of human hearts greatly conflict the orders and values established by the law of the land. He has to travel to the village regularly to get his divorce and be free. However, he has to wait for this long trapped by societal demands and expectations with one woman on one side while, on the other side, he longs to be with the woman he truly loves. He is in a dilemma regarding the two women who belongs to different takes of life. For example, one belongs to the new China of the Cultural Revolution and one given to him by the traditions. This is a great love story that is seen overcoming cultural barriers of his family. This story explores the antagonism between an individual’s emotional feeling and the societal norms. Ha- Jin clearly identifies the existing disagreement between the individuals and the society.

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