Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses current political events.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses current political events. However, Iran denies the allegations and says it is only exercising its right to peaceful nuclear prowess. Negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program are approaching a critical late-March deadline for meeting an agreement. An elaborate& by&nbsp.late June will follow the timeline.

In his speech, Benjamin Netanyahu depicted Iran as a threat to the whole world. He warned that a deal being discussed Iran’s nuclear program was a bad one. it could only help Tehran move forward in acquiring nuclear weapons rather than blocking it. The speech came just a fortnight before a closely contested election in Israel. Mr. Netanyahu stressed that he was not attempting to meddle in the internal politics of the United States. Earlier before the speech, the White House had faulted his plan to talk to the Congress at the Republican’s invitation. It said the Israeli leader had not consulted the White House, and thus was attempting to increase the U.S. opposition to any deal with Iran. After the speech, the United States President Barrack Obama said he had not perceived anything new in the speech transcript. He told reporters that Netanyahu did not provide any viable alternatives to trying to bar Iran from having a nuclear weapon. Several news outlets, both mainstream and smaller outlets, covered the political event. They brought out elements of biases, favoritism and critical languages, the significance of certain events, and selectivity of information in contemporary media reporting.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses current political events.
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CNN covered the political event in over a thousand articles on the period from 3rd to 12 March. The materials are available in the international edition of the news section of the website. The articles are long enough and discuss as many details as possible on the topic. However, there is some bias in the selectivity of the information in the reports. For instance, information portrays that Netanyahu is trying to appeal to the American public to force its government to drop the deal. The articles touch nearly every element of the event. They discuss various components such as Obama’s criticisms, those who invited the Israeli leader, the speech’s purpose, and the speech attendees. They also capture minute details such as claiming that 58 key senators would not attend the speech and the worsening of the not-so-good relationship between the two leaders: Obama and Netanyahu (CNN). The CNN news outlet uses critical language to analyze the gravity of the situation, based on the players’ behaviors and talks. It does not appear to favor any side in its reporting. However, the news outlet does not reveal anything about the public and Middle East nations’ reactions.

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