Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses human learning & memory. Human Learning & Memory Human Learning & Memory Introduction

The human brain often suffers from certain conditions and diseases that affects its ability to perform effectively as expected. One of the conditions that affect the functioning of the brain is the Alzheimers disease. Additionally, research has also discovered that amnesia is also another diseases that causes tremendous effects on the brains ability to store and retrieve different kinds of information stored in its memory

According the research findings conducted by Joshua, Andrew & Yonelinas (2014) and Richard J. A. et al (2014), Alzheimers disease is often starts slowly, such that one may not effectively notice it and later worsens with time. One of the earliest symptoms of this disease is the difficulty that one often has in remembering things especially those that just happened in the recent times. In this case, this disease leads to a complete loss of an individual’s short-term memory. With time, the disease advances and the symptoms begin to change. in this case, one begins to have difficulties with language, gets lost most often and has mood swings.

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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses human learning & memory. Human Learning & Memory Human Learning & Memory Introduction
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When the disease persists without getting treatment, an individual suddenly withdraws from the rest of the society and can end up succumbing to the disease. From the research findings in these journals, people are expected to ensure that they seek immediate diagnosis and treatment in order o prevent the disease from being severe, thereby causing death.

Limitations in the papers

Joshua, Andrew & Yonelinas (2014), in their research, they have not explored in detail the particular causes of Alzheimer’s Disease and Amnesia, they have focused more on the literature review, explaining the various ways in which these diseases can have serious effects on people including a possible death. Instead, they ought to have examined some of the major causes of this disease, detailing how people should avoid it.

Richard J. A. et al (2014) have based much of their research on the statistical analysis of this disease, without checking on the particular factors that causes it just as in the research by Joshua, Andrew & Yonelinas (2014). In essence, any kind of research about a public health or medical issue is expected to provide insight into how people can effective change their way of life and not end up getting into the particular issue and challenge being explained.

Application to world issues

Despite the limitations in these papers, the findings are important towards helping people on how they should take care of their life processes. These researches provide an insight into some of the ways in which medical intervention can help to cure these diseases and other conditions of the brain that can affect an individual’s ability to remember and other aspects of memory.

3) relate these papers to real world issues and describe how this basic research could be translated to an applied context


Joshua D. K, Andrew P, & Yonelinas. (2014) The Effects of Healthy Aging, Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s disease on Recollection and Familiarity: A Meta-Analytic Review.&nbsp.Neuropsychology Review&nbsp.24(2): 332-354

Richard J. A., et al., (2014). Item-location binding in working memory: Is it hippocampus-dependent?&nbsp.Neuropsychologia&nbsp.59(1): 74-84.

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