course project

For this project component, you will write the next section of your term paper in which you analyze the financial statements of your publicly traded corporation.

  • Conduct an analysis of your firm’s balance sheet, focusing on liquidity, debt, and inventory ratios.
  • Provide an analysis of the firm’s classified balance sheet, including a discussion of the significance of the different classifications.
  • Evaluate the firm’s use of assets and other resources by performing ratio analyses of assets and investments, including ROA and ROI calculations.
  • Explain why cash budgeting is important for the company and describe sources of borrowing used by the firm.


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course project
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  • Your paper should be 3  pages in length.
  • Use Rasmussen’s Library to find related articles and include them in your reference section.
  • Be sure to title the paper.
  • Keep in mind that this is a research paper; and, as such, should be informed by your research articles.
  • Be sure to include APA citations to support your assertions and to inform your paper.
  • Because this is one component of your term paper, the introduction and conclusion are not required for this submission.
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