Counterintelligence What is a Key priority of the National Counterintelligence Strategy Report? A key priority of the National Counterintelligence Strategy Report is to prevent spies from corrupting U.S. intelligence, a major problem demonstrated by agents uncovered in recent years inside the U.S. government who were working clandestinely for China, Russia and Cuba and who were able to influence U.S. intelligence analyses and policies. It is necessary to penetrate foreign intelligence organizations, governments and foreign groups with agents or by electronic or other means as per this report

2. What are the potential consequences of intelligence failures?

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The potential consequences of counterintelligence failures will be immediate and devastating. Nations vital information, infrastructure, military forces and a wide range of U.S. interests, technologies and personnel around the world can be put in jeopardy if the intelligence fails

3. What must counterintelligence agencies do to thwart foreign intelligence activities and assist in the war on terrorism?

Counterintelligence agencies should review their operations to identify efforts by terrorists to penetrate or manipulate the United States. They should also assess how key foreign intelligence services advance or obstruct U.S. efforts to fight terrorism and counter those activities that are hostile.

4. What must each U.S. agency or department contribute to thwart the intelligence activities of foreign powers?

Each U.S. agency or department should devise computer-based counterintelligence against foreign-government and private-sector hackers. Moreover, counterspy agencies need to “act jointly to understand, confound, manipulate and thwart” intelligence threats, and “when necessary, they should disrupt these activities through arrest and expulsion.

5. The struggle against terrorism is multidimensional. This means that it has a wide scope and importance, and many factors influence the problem. What are the various dimensions of the problem of fighting terrorism?

The fight against terrorism has different dimensions such as cultural, economic, diplomatic and political as well as military



1. Gertz&nbsp. Bill (2007), Stepped-up counterintelligence OKd, The Washington Times Retrieved on 22 February 2010 from http://www.washingtontimes.

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