Costco membership policy.

One of the key strengths about the brand is the fact that the business has been established with one main goals which was to provide membership to most wholesale buyers. The crucial fact about the business is that is business model is unique. As such, the uniqueness in the business model is a key marketing point that the organization needs to center on. Although, there are few other warehouse clubs in the United States and elsewhere across the globe, evidently, Costco was one of the first and still remains one of the leading organizations in the field (Edleson, 2014). As such, uniqueness is a key selling point for the organization.

Another major strength is the brand reputation. Currently, Costco is a key destination for shoppers with large families or people seeking to purchase products in bulk. With a superior reputation as is the case with the organization, it is evident that the marketing of the brand would be much easier. Costco is recurrently mentioned in movies and television programs and hence the proposition that most of the people already know about it. As such, the marketing plan needs not to center on introduction of the brand but rather should be emphatic on maintaining a good reputation about the organization.

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Costco membership policy.
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Although the brand being too big is a focal point of strength, it can also serve as a key weakness for the organization. Arguably, marketing a large brand is hectic. Additionally, it is also very pricey. As such, the budget for marketing such an organization is huge. Likewise, marketing an already reputable brand is a little complicated in that wrong marketing strategies would lead into destroying the brand as opposed to improving its reputation. As such, the marketing developed for this organization needs to be considered keenly and assessed. The marketing team needs to be experienced in handling large brands and marketing them effectively (Bowman & Gatignon, 2010). 

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