Corporate vulnerability in supply chains.

 The author of the articles does a superb job to justify the need for research on the vulnerability of supply chain. He argues that the research is intended to study the time dependence, relational dependence, functional dependence in corporate’ supply chain. However, they fail to define the problem statement clearly in a distinct from the introduction. It seems he chooses to illustrate this vital aspect together in the introduction section. It is also commendable that he has adequately provided citations that are within five years time scope. The general business problem is identified and is stated as the overall contingency planning. According to the Doctoral Study Rubric, a specific business problem should be provided in the research problem statement. This is also adequately provided as the vulnerability of supply chains in business activities.

The Purpose Statement of the Study

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Corporate vulnerability in supply chains.
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The authors of the article have also described the purpose statement of the study. The organization of this statement is admirable since all the relevant information required is sufficiently provided. It is a requirement that research variables be indicated here. The dependent and independent variables show the correlation that exists between the two sides. They show how the independent variables influence the dependent variables. The vulnerability of the supply chain is the dependent variable, which would adversely be impacted by changes in the categories and sources of disturbances of inbound logistics.

Central Research Question

In any research study, a research question is crucial to bringing out the actual concepts that are being studied. It is structured in a question format and in a way that the answers provided to the question would be the actual solution to the research problem. The article by Svensson and Goran fail to provide this essential element of the research study. It is also supposed to be a short statement of fewer than fifteen words. This should be included to make the general research objective clear to respondents and other stakeholders (Svensson, 2004).

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