Corporate startegy

I will pay for the following article Corporate startegy. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Cookson group plc notable has enhanced its strategic position which put the company forward as a competitive in the industry. The company business model and strategies takes into account the changing corporate environment and the systematic realization of the underlying positioning. The company has achieved this through devise of a desired position in the future based on the foreseeable and present developments as well as strategizing to realize this positioning. Focus and emphasis is laid on the company continuity and the determination of character and contents of the organization activities. The company strategic position is underpinned on several aspects including leading global markets positions in its industry and development of market exposure to increase revenue and profits. Others include enhanced technology, increased R&D capability, acquisitions, strong cash flow momentum and expansion into international markets.

Cookson group plc has two main divisions in its business model which are Performance material section and Engineering Ceramics where it operates under Alent PLC and Vesuvious PLC respectively. These divisions facilitate in supplying specialist consumable materials and chemicals in industrial production processes. It is notable that both divisions have adopted the same business model and the way operations are carried out. The company notably sells its products based on added value as opposed to just price (Cookson Group Plc 2006). Cookson group plc also focuses on sustaining and maintaining strong financial position enhancing support on its businesses in the divisions. This business model strives to achieve this through enhanced long-term financing arrangements with ample liquidity and low leverage headroom.

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Corporate startegy
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