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The corporation’s vision is to be the customer’s favorite place, hence the best fast food corporation globally. However, this vision is achievable if the firm fully embraces Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) whereby currently it has instituted programs towards in each state. This study will discuss in detail about McDonald’s corporation how it exercises its CSR and some of the areas that need improvement for it to realize its vision.

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When it comes to CSR, this firm ensures that it does the best as cited by Kathleen Bannan, who is the CSR senior manager. She contended McDonald’s has evolved in how it handles its CSR with the intention of being unique in the market (Singh, 2010). Hence, achieving its goals seen in its establishment of branches in other states that serve quality products. The firm is always making efforts to safeguard environment by using less energy, hence fewer emissions compared to others that have proved to be great emitters in their locations. For instance, all their trucks run on biodiesel, which is normally reused from spent cooking oil (McDonald’s UK 2011). To safeguard environment, the firm also utilizes LED bulbs and waterless urinals to reduce the amount energy used. Apart from using recycled cardboard boxes, it also recycles its packaging materials, hence saving on packaging costs (Lee & Kotler, 2013). Due to its involvement in charitable activities, the company has build it reputation besides fame especially among the youths who love snacks. One program under its organizations is the HACER launched in attempt to minimize schools’ dropout which was on the rise especially among Hispanic students (RMHC, n.d). McDonald’s also gives accommodation to families who have children in hospital through the “home away from home” program (RMHC, n.d).

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