Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in action.

Kellogg has had a rich history of corporate social responsibility which is designed to address the challenges posed by the dynamic external environment. The company has been involved in a wide range of activities and initiatives which are aimed at enhancing the quality of life both within and beyond the organization. In terms of activities internal to the organization, Kellogg encourages employee volunteerism, promotes diversity at work place and ensures a healthy and safe workplace. It ensures provision and sale of nutritious product in a bid to promote healthy living for all its customers.

As a part of its CSR initiatives Kellogg contributes to various institutions which promote healthy living and food consumption among its customers. This includes contribution of funds to YMCAs Activate America campaign, Action for Healthy Kids initiative which is involved in reducing obesity among kids. the Kelloggs Swim Active program which provides swimming facilities to youngsters in the UK, as part of its mission to promote healthy lifestyles. the Global FoodBanking Network which is actively involved in providing hunger-relief to various countries across the world etc., among many others.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in action.
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The motto of the company indicates a strong social commitment as an inherent aspect of its trade, a tradition which the management has followed since over a hundred years. Its dedicated efforts to ensure a safe and healthy environment for its workforce, promotion of equality and diversity at workplace, a dedicated commitment to conserve and protect natural resources for promoting sustainable growth. and a broad social goal of ensuring well being of the community at large, as a part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, helped the company gain widespread acclaim and support. It helped the company in creating a positive reputation in the market, and in generating goodwill among its investors.

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