Controls in Business Activities of Clinkle Company.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Controls in Business Activities of Clinkle Company. The main point of interest in this quality management system is to understand how it works to bring about quality management in the management of business systems globally, as a point as the need to have it in the company while there may be other quality management systems in the local business environment.

The ISO 9000 quality management system has been specially designed to give provisions for creating, documenting and maintaining a consistent and demonstrable system of quality assurance in companies and business organizations (Blokdijk, 2008). It is important to understand that the ISO 9000 management system, does not offer a guarantee of quality for a business’ final product. this is because, it is specially designed as a management framework to apply in organizations and not in their final products. This paper examines the importance of the ISO 9000 certification as used in most of business organisations that use it as a determinant of their controls in the management process, focusing on how it can be applied in the case of Clinkle, a startup company dealing in mobile payments.

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Controls in Business Activities of Clinkle Company.
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Being a startup company that deals with various aspects of mobile payments, Clinkle needs to devise an effective strategy by which it can instate proper controls that can aid in its success. For instance, Clinkle needs to institute controls in the way it manages its human resources. It is important for the company to understand that human resources are the most important in any business. therefore, the company has a responsibility of ensuring that the human resources in the business are effectively motivated.

Additionally, it has to ensure that the resources in the business are used effectively to achieve the goals and objectives set according to the mission and vision statements of the company. The technologies the company has put in place to facilitate mobile payments and money transfer needs to be properly utilized for the company’s advantages.

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