Controls for Outflows.

This will ensure that the employees are paid according to the amount of work done and will prevent payment for hours not worked for. The employees must sign the time card every day and a supervisor must subsequently approve the card. After approving the time card, the supervisor should then forward the records to the payroll department for preparation of the salaries.

Secondly, the Apollo limited must ensure that their personnel department records all the information regarding the new employees, removal of names of employees whose contracts have been terminated, and adjustment of all variations in the employee pay rate. A supervisor must also approve these changes before the information is taken to the payroll department.

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Controls for Outflows.
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Third, the payroll department must maintain all deductions that are made on employees’ remuneration for example loan repayment, taxation and any other deductions that are made. A different employee must be give the mandate to recomputed the deductions and make any corrections or anomalies. The employees should the sign the payroll form for all the deductions made on their salaries.

After all the deductions are calculated, the payroll department prepares a multicopy payroll register with information from the time card and information on payroll record where all deductions are indicated on employees pay (Romney & Steinbart, 2006). Another form is then prepared indicating gross pay, all deduction, net pay, and the employees take this form home as pay slip. A different employee then recomputes the gross pay and deductions to make any correction reacquired before the employees are paid.

The payroll department sends the payroll register to the accounts payable department where a voucher is prepared on each pay slip received

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