Contesting Culture in Exams’ Questions.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Contesting Culture in Exams’ Questions. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. While historically, Haitians were predominantly catholic, their religious beliefs have undergone immense changes over the years. Today, most Haitians practice Vodou, a spiritual belief system that combines Catholicism, Islam, European folklore, freemasonry, and the island’s Taino people’s religious aspects (Nottingham Contemporary, 2012).

Haitian history has remained enormously wealthy, especially in terms of the culture practiced by the Haiti people. Essentially, Vodou has become the primary inspirational factor when it comes to the social organization in Haiti. This implies that Vodou inspires even artwork in Haiti. The presentation of Haiti culture through art has manifested just how much painting can communicate culture and traditions. In Haiti, this presentation has played an additional role, over and above the said communication. This role relates to the extent to which the exhibition challenged the stereotype factor of Haitian culture.

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Contesting Culture in Exams’ Questions.
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The exhibition showcased the past, present, and anticipated future of Haitian culture. In the process, imagination was driven to the next level relative to the interests that the exhibition was set to serve. While Haitian stereotypes have been static over the years, the show accounted for Haitian diversity and dynamism in culture. It captured the over-time changes that have been factored in the Haitian culture. In this respect, the exhibition presented stereotypes of Haitian culture as ones that fail to diversify as Haiti’s social setting progresses.

Another challenging aspect of Haitian stereotypes is based on religion. In Haiti, the majority of the people practice Vodou. Besides this, other forms of religion like Catholicism, Protestants, and Islam are also observed, just to mention but a few. While other religious practices are factored in the already developed Haitian stereotypes, Vodou is the primary contributing factor.&nbsp. Following this, Vodou was seen as the outstanding Haitian practice that inspired the exhibition. However, it was also evident that the aspects and areas presented during the show went beyond what is held to be a Vodou culture, encompassing contemporary imagination, creativity, and innovativeness.

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